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Capstone Design Course Options

The capstone design options are ME 4182 (ME Capstone Design) and ME 4723 (Interdisciplinary Capstone Design). Students must register for both a lecture and a studio time to avoid a registration error (LINK ERROR). This means that you will enter 2 CRNS; one for the studio time and one for the lecture. An example would adding ME 4182 A (lecture) and ME 4182 AL (studio time).

  • ME 4182 section A, ME Capstone Design – ME students will work on teams to solve design challenges with an ME focus. Projects originate from industry sponsors, student ideas, or faculty driven ideas. Students in this section will be able to work only with students who are registered in this section.

    • Lecture: ME 4182 A
    • Lab: ME 4182 AL
  • ME 4723 section A, Interdisciplinary Capstone Design – Solving real-world design projects sponsored by industry or proposed by students/faculty. Student teams comprise of students from ME, ID, MSE, BME, and/or ECE. Students attend lectures offered by their respective home schools. However, the entire interdisciplinary student team is expected to work together and report at a common supervised lab time per week to one primary faculty advisor for the team. If students from other disciplines beyond this list with whom you wish to form teams (and they are eligible for enrolling in their discipline's senior capstone design class, then please contact the lead faculty during phase 1 of registration at
    • Lecture: ME 4723 A
    • Lab: ME 4723 A01
  • ME 4723 section X, Interdisciplinary Entrepreneurial Capstone Design – Create-X Capstone Design is dedicated to entrepreneurial projects. Student teams are comprised of exclusively ME students, or multidisciplinary teams with ME, ECE, CS, BME and IE students to design and build prototypes of their invention and explore a market demand and value proposition. Lectures will include those related to the needs of entrepreneurship and a startup. As in the traditional Capstone course, students will follow the design process, produce reports and presentations. The best team(s) will receive direct admission to Create-X Startup Launch (with funding) and direct berth to the Inventure Prize semi-final round. Click here for FAQ's about this section.  
    • Lecture: ME 4723 X
    • Lab: ME 4723 X01