Advising Overview

All nuclear and radiological engineering students have two advisors, an academic advisor and a faculty advisor.

COVID-19 (Coronavirus Update, 3/19/2020)

With the campus changes Georgia Tech has enacted for COVID-19, please know that your academic advisors are still be available remotely to reply to emails, handle registration issues, schedule video/phone advising meetings, and sign forms.  To accommodate this, we are asking students to use these process and procedures until further notice.

  • We have appointments available Monday through Friday from 8:30-12 and 1-4.  Walk-in advising is temporarily suspended.  
  • Schedule an appointment as usual through GradesFirst.  
  • Your advisor will then send you a BlueJeans link to have a video or phone advising appointment. 
  • All documents and forms that you want to share with your advisor should be uploaded in the new ME/NRE Advising Canvas Site.

Undergraduate Advising Purpose

  • Our mission is to support and inspire the development of Woodruff School undergraduate students.
  • Our vision is that undergraduate academic advising in the Woodruff School will actively engage students in their educational experience so they can become independent, life-long learners who are innovative and contributing members in their larger community.

Undergraduate Advising Process

  • We encourage all students to visit or contact us at any time with questions, concerns or problems.
  • We require academic advisement for the following groups of students:

Academic Advisors

Your academic advisor is available to help with class scheduling, class planning and institute rules and regulations.

Lenna Applebee - Advises NRE students with last names starting with A - C.

     Schedule an appointment with Lenna.


Laura Tolliver (formerly Dawson) - Advises NRE students with last names starting with D - H.

       Schedule an appointment with Laura. 


Amy Huttenhoff will be out of the office until October, so ME and NRE student last names I - M have been assigned a temporary advisor.  To schedule an appointment with your temporary advisor, select Change of Major as the reason and then you can select the advisor below:

  • Petitions, readmission, career advising, special circumstances:  Kristi Mehaffey 
  • Last Name starting with I: Hillary Sutherland
  • Last Name starting with J, K: Laura Tolliver
  • Last Name starting with L: Hillary Sutherland
  • Last Name starting with M: Lenna Applebee

Kristi Mehaffey - Advises NRE students with last names starting with N - R.

     Schedule an appointment with Kristi.


Hillary Sutherland - Advises NRE students with last names starting with S - Z.

     Schedule an appointment with Hillary




Faculty Advisors

Faculty advisors are available to help with career planning, research opportunities, technical electives and graduate school. Faculty advisors are assigned by the first letter of your last name.

ADr. Anna Erickson
BDr. Said Abdel-Khalik
CDr. Anna Erickson
D-FDr. Chaitanya Deo
G-IDr. Nolan Hertel
J-LDr. Bojan Petrovic
M-MnDr. Farzad Rahnema
Mn-NDr. Anna Erickson
O-RDr. Lei Zhu
S-TDr. Weston Stacey
U-ZDr. Chris Wang
B.S./M.S. NRE StudentDr. Nolan Hertel