Ken Venoit

Ken Venoit

[M.S.H.P. 1996, Ph.D. NE 1999]
Y-12 National Security Complex
Oak Ridge, Tennessee


I chose to attend graduate school at Georgia Tech because of its excellent reputation in industry, academia, and professionals. While studying in the Radiological Engineering program at Georgia Tech I came to realize the strengths of the program, the faculty, and the School of Mechanical Engineering. In my current position I am expected to solve both operational and theoretical problems. The classroom, research, and laboratory work performed during my time at Georgia Tech thoroughly prepared me to solve these problems. The courses are delivered by extremely competent faculty and were well designed to cover the essential topics in detail. The laboratory courses provide a method to introduce students to the instrumentation as well as to compliment the classroom lectures. Most importantly, the variety of research conducted by the faculty instills the necessary qualities required for quality research. During my study I was allowed and encouraged to be involved with fellow students' research which expanded my knowledge and enhanced my learning experience. The four years I spent as a graduate student were some of the most enjoyable of my life. While the expectations are high the rewards of the education and the experience are much higher.

I would rate the faculty, students, facilities, and the program as excellent. I am very grateful to have studied in the program and for the wonderful graduate school experience as a whole. In fact, my faculty advisor and I are still friends today and frequently collaborate on research projects.