Eleodor Nichita

Eleodor Nichita

[Ph.D. ME 1997]
Assistant Professor
School of Energy Systems and Nuclear Science
University of Ontario Institute of Technology
Ontario, Canada

e-mail: Eleodor.Nichita@uoit.ca

What attracted me to Georgia Tech initially was the promise of a flexible graduate program of study, one designed primarily by the student, with only minimal guidance from the advisor. I wasn't disappointed: While guidance was always available, it was never constraining.

The blend of research and teaching experiences I was exposed to during my four years in the Woodruff School were extremely valuable for my future career as a research analyst and, subsequently, professor. I found the Ph.D. teaching practicum and the Woodruff Teaching Internship, both of which offer the opportunity to develop and deliver actual Woodruff School courses, particularly useful.

The best thing about the nuclear engineering graduate program may be that it is at the same time rigorous and flexible. Professors have expertise in a range of domains and are very approachable. As a result, a student has numerous choices for graduate work topics. The Woodruff School has strong ties with industry, research laboratories, and other academic institutions, offering excellent opportunities for gaining "hands-on" research experience.

Overall, the nuclear engineering program is first-rate. It benefits from an outstanding faculty body, and from being part of a first-class university. Students are very friendly. Facilities are excellent and continuing to improve.