Ben Forget

[Ph.D. NE 2006]
Assistant Professor
Department of Nuclear Science and Engineering
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Cambridge, Massachusetts

e-mail: bforget@MIT.edu

My initial inclination for Georgia Tech was based mainly on the possibility of getting away from the cold Canadian winters, but after my campus visit and meeting with my eventual advisor I discovered that there was more to it. I quickly realized that the students, staff and faculty would offer me a great opportunity to learn.

My graduate experience at Georgia Tech served as great preparation for my current career. My advisor listened to my aspirations from the beginning and promoted my involvement in teaching, grant writing and research. The experience I have gained has proven invaluable.

I think the major strength of the graduate program at Georgia Tech is the commitment of the faculty and staff to the success of the students. I think very highly of the education I have received at the Woodruff school.