Michael Scott McKinley

Michael Scott McKinley

[B.S.N.E. 1995, M.S. NE 1999, Ph.D. NE 2001]
Computational Physicist
Physics and Advanced Technologies Directorate
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

I never really knew how much I had learned in the graduate Health Physics/Nuclear Engineering Program until I started interviewing for jobs. My educational experience in computers, math, science and the engineering subjects were broad enough that I fit into many different job profiles. This ultimately led me to accepting a career position at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory where my resume and experiences was a perfect fit for what the lab was seeking.

I completed my undergraduate at Georgia Tech. That exposure led me to realize the excellence in education I could expect from the graduate program. After enrolling in graduate school, I was able to work in groups as well as individually. In addition, I could set my pace and study areas that were of interest to me. This kind of educational experience translates very well into good practices while developing a career. I feel very indebted to my advisor for not only helping me with my research and education but also for his guidance and assistance that prepared me for life after school.

Personally, my experience with computers as part of my graduate work has resulted in being my greatest asset. Not only have I learned numerical techniques, but I also have been exposed to many operating systems, programming languages and applications. This diversity of knowledge makes me more marketable as well as gives me confidence in tackling new assignments and job opportunities.