Academic Information


Shell Tutoring Program for Spring 2020

With the generous support of Shell Oil Company, the Woodruff School of Mechanical Engineering is able to offer tutoring in the ME and COE classes listed below.  Tutoring runs through the last official day of class (excluding final exams, official school breaks and reading days).

Starting Monday, March 30 all Shell tutoring will be done virtually through Bluejeans.  Click on the link behind each time to connect to the tutor remotely.  

Free On-line Courses for COE 2001 and COE 3001

One of our ME professors has developed on-line versions of statics, dynamics and deformable bodies (mechanics of materials).  These courses are continuously available for all students.

Individual Academic Support (Tutoring)

There are many options available on campus if you need academic support.

  • Center for Academic Success - The Center for Academic Success offers several types of free tutoring and study groups.
    • One-on-One tutoring is available for weekly appointments in daytime and evening hours. Students must sign up in advance for all appointments. Course options include math, physics, chemistry, COE classes, and most 2000-3000 level ME classes.
    • Commons Tutoring is available on the 2nd floor of Clough Commons for several types of drop-in tutoring. This includes CS 1371, Chemistry, Physics and Math.
    • PLUS Sessions are peer-led undergraduate study sessions which provide opportunities for students to work together to review course content, develop learning and study strategies and prepare for exams.
    • Communications Center is available to help students with things like multimodal projects for ENGL classes and reports or presentations for upper level classes.
    • Academic Coaching provides students with a chance to work individually with professional staff members to improve their academic skills, confidence and performance.
    • The Success Summit is a once a semester half-day program especially designed for Tech students who want to make changes and improve academically. Students attending Summit participate in a series of workshops and panels to help them set goals for the upcoming semester.
  • OMED - OMED offers several tutoring options for students including walk-in tutoring services, guided study groups, study sessions, concept class reviews and focus on physics sessions.
  • Freshman Experience - The Freshman Experience program offers their Learning Assistance Program during evening hours in the dorms. This is not available during summer semester.
  • Professor and TA Office Hours - TAs and professors have office hours, which are usually indicated on your syllabus. Be sure to use those hours to ask questions.

Academic Assistance Workshops

Several departments on campus offer free Academic Help workshops during fall and spring semesters. These include Study Skills, Test Taking, Stress Reduction, Time Management, etc.

  • Counseling Center - Click here for a list of academic workshops about wellness and stress management.
  • Center for Academic Success - They offer on-line and in-person academic workshops including time management, exam preparation, overcoming procrastination, etc.

Counseling Center Resources

The Counseling Center offers free mental health counseling services to all currently enrolled Georgia Tech students, as well as psychoeducational testing services, stress management and wellness workshops, and in-house focus groups to help clients connect over shared experiences.  Their programs include:

  • Individual and Group Counseling
  • Collegiate Recovery Program
  • Peer Coaching
  • Mental Health Portal
  • Diversity Events
  • Tech Ends Suicide Together
  • Let's Talk: Walk-In Counseling Services