Transferring Credits

Transferring Credit Taken at Another College/University

Transfer Credit Rules at Georgia Tech

  • Any class already taken at Georgia Tech cannot be transferred into Georgia Tech. This class must be repeated at Georgia Tech.
  • If you took a class at Georgia Tech and you withdrew from the class (W on your transcript) then you can take the class somewhere else and transfer it in to Georgia Tech.
  • With the exception of summer semester, students cannot take classes at Georgia Tech and somewhere else at the same time, unless they Cross Register or petition the faculty to ask for permission for concurrent registration. Click here for the official rules about Cross Registration.
  • The residency rule requires that students must complete their last 36 hours in residency at Georgia Tech. If you are in violation of the 36 hour rule, then you must petition the faculty for permission to take the class BEFORE you take the class.
  • The NRE department will only approve pre-requisite overrides for students who have completed the class and show us a transcript with a final grade. Students who take classes somewhere other than Georgia Tech and are using those classes as pre-requisites to classes the following semester, cannot register for the following semester classes until phase 2 registration. There are no exceptions to this.
  • Many on-line classes cannot be transferred to Georgia Tech (history, HTS, math, any lab science class, economics, psychology, etc). Click here to see Georgia Tech's official policy about transferring on-line classes from other schools.
  • Click here for the Registrar's rules about transferring classes into Georgia Tech. You are responsible for knowing these rules.

Class Transfer Procedure

  1. Check the Transfer Equivalency Table - If the class shows up on the list and does not say "Appropriate Department to Evaluated," then you do not need to obtain advanced approval to take the class.
    • Go to OSCAR.
    • Select Transfer Equivalencies.
    • Follow the instructions until you get to the screen listing the course transfer equivalencies. 
    • Look for the class which you want to take at the school and see if there is already transfer credit for the class. Any class that is listed as a direct match (number and hours) to a Georgia Tech class will transfer in for that class. For example, if the class transfers into Georgia Tech as Math 1551 (2 hours), that will satisfy our Math 1551 (2 hours) requirement.
    • If the class has transfer information, then the class has previously been approved to transfer into Georgia Tech.
    • If the class says 'Approp Depart Must Evaluate' or is not on the list, then you need to have the class approved using the Obtain Advanced Approval for Classes section below.
  2. Obtain Advanced Approval for Classes not on the Transfer Equivalency Table
    • Obtain a syllabus for the class. A course description will not be enough. The syllabus must include detailed information about both the class and the book.
    • Send the syllabus to the Transfer Credit Evaluator in the respective department to obtain approval for the class. The academic advisor in each department can tell you who handles transfer credit. For example, if you are going to take a MATH class, then you need to contact the Transfer Credit Evaluator in the MATH department. 
    • Not all departments will pre-approve classes, so you may not be able to do this. For example, physics will not pre-approve classes for transfer.
    • Make sure that you obtain approval before you take the class so that you are sure it will transfer. Credit is not guaranteed for the class if you do not obtain advanced approval.
    • Be sure to keep all correspondence. (e-mails, etc) with the department to include with your transfer credit request.
  3. Apply to the School Where You Want to Take the Class
    • You must apply to the school where you want to take the classes. Just because you are a Georgia Tech student does not automatically mean that you can attend college elsewhere. You need to find out dates and procedures for the respective schools.
  4. Obtain Transient Letters or Transcripts from Georgia Tech
    • Transient Letters - Some colleges require that you have a letter from Georgia Tech stating that it is okay for you to be a student there. This is a Transient Letter. Click here to request a Transient Letter from the registrar.
    • Transcripts Transcript requests are made through OSCAR. Click here for instructions to request a transcript from Georgia Tech.
    • Letter of Good Standing Click here for instructions to request a letter stating that you are in good standing at Georgia Tech.
  5. Receiving Transfer Credit at Georgia Tech
    • Transfer credit will not appear on your transcript unless you request it to appear. You must have a transcript mailed to Georgia Tech to obtain the transfer credit on your Georgia Tech transcript.
    • Classes on the Transfer Equivalency Table should automatically show up on your transcript shortly after Georgia Tech receives your transcript from the other school.  This may take several weeks to happen.
    • You must submit syllabi to be evaluated for any classes that are not listed on the transfer equivalency table. More information is on the registrar's website
    • Be sure to follow-up with all transfer credit. If your credit does not show up on your Georgia Tech transcript, you may have registration problems if the class is a pre-req for something else.
  6. Verify the Transfer Credit on your Georgia Tech Transcript. You can view your transfer credit using the following procedure:
    • Go to OSCAR.
    • Select Secured Access Login and log into OSCAR.
    • Select Student Records & Financial Aid.
    • Select Student Records.
    • Select Academic Transcript.
    • Under the transcript type drop down box, select External Transcript - WEB and press Submit.
    • Awarded transfer credit will be listed on your transcript.

Transfer Credit Substitutions

  • Lab Classes - If you are transferring a lab based class into Georgia Tech, you must take both the lecture and lab at the other school to receive Georgia Tech credit.
  • Classes with Missing Content - If a class transfers back to Georgia Tech with an X in it, then some content is missing from the transfer class. This class may or may not count for credit.
  • Humanities Electives - Click here to see all classes that count for humanities electives. Humanities electives may be combined to create 3 hours, they do not have to be 3 hour classes.
  • Social Science Electives - Click here to see all classes that count for social science electives. Social science electives may be combined to create 3 hours, they do not have to be 3 hour classes.
  • Class Substitutions - The substitutions list above contains general substitutions in the NRE Curriculum.
Georgia Tech Transfer Class
(credit hours)
NRE Curriculum
Class Counts As...
AE 2120 (3)No Credit
 NOTE: This class is usually approved to be COE 2001.  The class must be evaluated.
AE 3450 (3)No Credit
BIOL 1XXX (4 - with lab)No Credit
BIOL 1XXX Non-Science Elective (4)No Credit
BIOL 2XXX (4 - with lab)No Credit
CHEM 1211K (4 - with lab)CHEM 1310
CHEM 1212K (4 - with lab)No Credit
CHEM 12X1 (4 - with lab)CHEM 1310
CHEM 1XXX (4 - with lab)Needs to be evaluated for CHEM 1211K, no credit as CHEM 1XXX
 NOTE: Any student who takes CHEM 1310 at Georgia Tech can not use CHEM 1XXX as a lab science elective.  International Baccalaureate (IB) credit for CHEM 1XXX does not give any credit in the BSME curriculum.
CEE 3770 (3)MATH 3670 (3)
CS 1301 (3) + CS 1171 (1)CS 1371 (3) + Free Elective (1)
 NOTE: It is STRONGLY recommended that you take CS 1371 at Georgia Tech only. Georgia Tech's CS 1371 is all Matlab. Matlab is generally not taught in the CS classes listed here. CS 1171 is a 1 hour self-study Matlab class offered at Georgia Tech.
ECE 2040 (3)ECE 3710 (2)
ECE 3041 (2)ECE 3741 (1)
ECE 3043 (2)ECE 3741 (1)
HPS 1040APPH 1040
HPS 1XXXNo Credit
HPS 11XX (1)No Credit
HPS 11XX (2 credits or more)APPH 1040
ISYE 3770 (3)MATH 3670
MATH 1501 (4)MATH 1551 (2)
MATH 15X1 (3) + 1 hour of math or science elective *MATH 1501 (4)
MATH 15X1 (3)MATH 1551 (2)
MATH 1550 (3)MATH 1551 (2)
MATH 1522 (2)MATH 1553 (2)
MATH 1554 (4)MATH 1553 (2)
MATH 1564 (4)MATH 1553 (2)
MATH 15X2 (4)MATH 1552 (4)
MATH 15X2 (2) + MATH 1522 (2)MATH 1502 (4)
 NOTE: Calculus 2, Math 1502 (4), at Georgia Tech contains linear algebra. If Calculus 2 transfers into Georgia Tech as Math 15X2 (4), you must also take linear algebra, MATH 1522 (2). If you do not take linear algebra before coming to Georgia Tech, you will be required to take it here.
MATH 2401 (4)MATH 2551 (4)
MATH 24X1 (3) + 1 hour of math or science elective *MATH 2551 (formerly MATH 2401)
MATH 2403 (4)MATH 2552 (4)
MATH 24X3 (3) + 1 hour of math or science elective *MATH 2552 (formerly MATH 2403)
MATH 2561MATH 2551 (4)
MATH 2562MATH 2552 (4)
MATH 2X51 (3) + 1 hour of math or science elective *MATH 2551 (4)
MATH 2X52 (3) + 1 hour of math or science elective *MATH 2552 (4)
MATH 3215 (3)Technical Elective
ME 2211 (3)No Credit
 NOTE: This class is usually approved to be COE 2001.  The class must be evaluated.
MGT 2250 (3)No Credit
MSE 3001 (3)No Credit
PHYS 2XXXNo Credit

* The math or science elective must be a lecture or lab class.  Research, special problems, special topics and seminar classes are not accepted for this requirement.