Change Your Major

Change of Major Rules & Regulations (Institute Level Rules)

  • Undergraduate students will be permitted one unrestricted transfer between majors until they have earned 60 credit hours.  There are a few departments who have been granted exceptions to that rule, so please contact an advisor in that department to be sure.  ME and ISYE are both exceptions to the institute policy.  See the ME requirements below.
  • After 60 hours or upon subsequent change of major, the change will be permitted at the discretion of the school that the student is seeking to enter.
  • Students who transfer from another institution will be permitted to change their major only at the discretion of the school that the student is seeking to enter.
  • Beginning Summer 2017 - Admitted freshmen will not be allowed to submit a request for a change of major until after the deadline for withdrawal from classes with a W grade in the first term of their enrollment. The change would be effective for the second term of enrollment. This includes a change of major within the student's current College. For freshmen admitted for Summer, the restriction is lifted after the withdraw deadline of their second semester of enrollment. All other restrictions also apply.
  • Students who wish to add a secondary major must fill out a change of major form and are subject to the same requirements as changing your major.

Change your Major to NRE

  • Students who have more than 60 credit hours must have a minimum Georgia Tech GPA of 2.6.
  • Students who have previously changed their major must have a minimum Georgia Tech GPA of 2.6.
  • Transfer students must have completed at least one semester at Georgia Tech, completed at least 12 credit hours with a minimum Georgia Tech GPA of 2.6.
  • A student who started at Georgia Tech as a Freshman and has not yet changed majors can change their major to NRE before earning 60 credit hours (including transfer, AP and IB hours) without any restrictions after the required waiting time. The Change of Major form must be received prior to completion of earning 60 credit hours. 

How to Change your Major

  • Obtain a change of major form.
    • Degree:  BS for all undergraduate students.
    • Major:  List your current or intended major.  You don't need to write it out, you can abbreviate.  Ex. Nuclear and Radiological Engineering is NRE.
    • School:  For ME and NRE the school is COE/ME which stands for College of Engineering/Mechanical Engineering.
    • Catalog Year:  If changing into ME or NRE, then the catalog year will be the current year. If leaving ME or NRE, then the catalog year is the year you started in the major.
    • Dept. Signature:  Leave blank.  This is where the advisor signs the form.
    • Date:  Leave blank.  The advisor will fill this in.
  • Have your current academic advisor and your new academic advisor sign it.
    • To obtain the ME, NRE or UEC signature, drop the form off at the front desk in MRDC room 3112, building 135 on the campus map.  With the exception of first year students trying to change their major in summer or fall semester, you can pick it up the following business day from our office.  Click here for our office hours.
    • Students who are away from campus, can also email the form to Mack Curtis. The form will be signed up uploaded in GradesFirst within 48 business hours of when you email the form.  You can down it from GradesFirst, under the reports tab.
    • Change of major forms for first year students can be picked up one week before the last day to drop an individual class for fall semester.  If this date falls on a weekend, then you can pick it up the Monday prior to that date.
    • Many departments will not sign your form during registration.  ME will sign forms during registration times, but not in person.
    • Some majors (such as Computer Science, Business Administration, Chemical Engineering, Civil & Environmental Engineering and Industrial Engineering) require that you attend a change of major meeting before they will sign your change of major form.
    • You can find advisors in all departments using the advising website. 
  • Students in the co-op program, ROTC programs and international students must have their respective advisor sign it as well.
  • Students who are not on campus can fill out the form, scan it and send it to your ME advisor through email.  We will sign it, scan it and send it back to you through email.
  • Students who are accepted as freshmen cannot change their major until after the drop deadline of their first semester (second semester for those who start in the summer).
  • Turn the signed form into the registrar’s office or email it to the registrar's office.
  • If you turn your major into the registrar’s office after phase 2 registration closes for the semester, your change of major will go into effect during the following semester.