Basic Registration Information

   Overrides, Overloads & Waitlists

  Restrictions on Classes & Campus Codes

Registration Basics

Overrides (Overloads, Permits and Prerequisite)

  • Override Types - If you need an override, please make sure that you understand what you need! If you ask for the wrong thing, you will still not be able to register for classes.
    • Restricted Class Permit Overrides - Resolves the following registration errors:
      • Major Restriction
      • Class Restriction
      • Level Restriction
      • Permit Required
    • Overload Overrides - If you cannot register for a class because it is full, then you need an overload override. Overloads cannot be given for courses using Waitlists.  Resolves the following error:
      • Closed Section
    • Pre-Requisite Overrides - If you do not have the correct prerequisites or co-requisites for a class, you need a pre-requisite override.
      • Preq & Test Score Error
    • Duplicate Overrides - If you are taking 2 courses with the same CRN number but different sections. (Ex: ME 4803 A & ME 4803 B)
      • Dupl Crse (Duplicate Course)
  • How to Make an Override Request
    • If the class you are requesting does not show up in OSCAR using the instructions below, then click here for more information
    • Override requests can only be during active registration periods. See the registrar's calendar for registration dates.
    • Instructions to Request an Override
      • Log onto Buzzport.
      • Select Registration - OSCAR.
      • Select Student Services & Financial Aid.
      • Select Registration.
      • Select Registration Override Request.
      • Follow the instructions to submit the override request.
      • If your override is approved, you must still register for the class. The override does not automatically register you for the course.
      • Overrides will typically be answered within 48 hours of the request. You will receive an e-mail telling you if the request was approved or denied.
  • Viewing the Status of Override Requests
    • All override requests made through OSCAR can be tracked and monitored using the following instructions:
      • Log onto Buzzport.
      • Select Registration - OSCAR.
      • Select Student Services & Financial Aid.
      • Select Registration.
      • Select Registration Override Request Status.
      • Students will receive an e-mail when requests made through OSCAR have been processed.



  • Waitlist is an optional function that departments may decide to use. It allows students to sign up for the waitlist for a course that is closed. Waitlist is exactly what it sounds like; you are not registered for the course but you are in line waiting to register for the course. You will need to wait for everybody else who is in line before you to register before you.
  • If a class section uses a waitlist, then no overloads are given in that class. There are no exceptions to this.
  • Once a student has waitlisted for a course section, a notification will be sent via email if a seat becomes available in that section.
  • Waitlisted students are notified on a first-come-first-serve basis.
  • If a seat becomes available, students will have 12 hours to register for the course section after the email notification is sent.  Students who do not register in that 12 hour time frame will lose their seat in the class and on the waitlist.
  • Waitlist is NOT registration and does not guarantee enrollment in the course.
  • Click here for instructions to identify course sections that use the waitlist option.
  • Click here for instructions to waitlist for the course section.
  • If you drop a waitlisted class that you are registered for, you will not be able to get the class back without using the waitlist. You will need to register for the waitlist, and you will be last in the queue.

Taking 4000 Level Courses

  • Graduate students will encounter registration errors while trying to register for most 4000 level courses.  Students must make two different override requests for each 4000 level course they wish to take.
    • Restricted Class Permit - Most undergraduate courses are major restricted or restricted to undergraduates only
    • Prerequisite Override - Undergraduate courses have pre-requisites enforced in the registration system
  • Instructions to request the overrides are here.

Class Schedules


Variable Hour Courses

  • Some courses are offered for a range of credit hours (Ex: ME 9000 is offered for 1-21 hours). When a student registers for a variable hours course the credit hours defaults to 1. It is the student’s responsibility to adjust the number of credit hours.
  • Variable hours can only be adjusted during active registration times.
  • How to Change the Hours of a Variable Hour Course
    • Go to www.buzzport.gatech.eduand log in.
    • Select Registration - OSCAR.
    • Select Student Services & Financial Aid.
    • Select Registration.
    • Select Add or Drop Classes.
    • Select Term.
    • Select Change Course Optionsat the bottom of screen.
    • Enter the desired number of hours.


How to Request a Permit for Seminar Credit or the Teaching Practicum

  • Seminar Classes
    • Students must have a permit to register for seminar classes.
    • Seminar classes are ME/NRE/MP 8011, ME/NRE/MP 8012, MP 6011 and MP 6012.
    • You must attend a minimum of 11 seminars before requesting a permit for the ME seminar class.
  • Teaching Practicum
    • All Woodruff School Ph.D. students are required to complete three semester hours of Teaching Practicum (ME/NRE 7757) during the course of their doctoral studies.
  • How to Request a Seminar Permit or Teaching Practicum Permit
    • Go to the graduate database.
    • Complete and submit the form on-line.
    • You will receive an automated e-mail telling you the permit was issued.
    • You must then register for the class.


Campus Restrictions - Is this Class Offered in Atlanta?

  • Campus restriction errors occur if you try to register for a class not offered in Atlanta. All Atlanta classes have a campus code (CMP) of 'A'.
  • Classes offered at any location other than Atlanta, usually have a section code starting with R or Q. (ex. RMZ, RCC, RPK, ROX, R, QUP, etc.)
    • R:  These courses are offered on a different GT campus such as Lorraine, Oxford, etc.
    • Q:  These courses are for distance learning students only.
  • How to View the Campus Code for a Class
    • Look at the class listing in OSCAR. Click here for instructions and screen shots.
    • Find the column labeled CMP. CMP stands for campus code.
    • Only classes with a CMP (campus code) of 'A' are in Atlanta.
    • Any other campus code will give you a campus restriction error.


Restriction Information and Notes about Classes

  • Use the procedure below to view details about classes listed in OSCAR.
    • Log onto Buzzport.
    • Select Registration - OSCAR.
    • Select Student Services & Financial Aid.
    • Select Registration.
    • Select Look Up Classes.
    • Select the Term and press Submit.
    • Select the subject you are interested in and press Course Search.
    • Select the class number and press View Sections.
    • After the classes are listed on the screen, click on the hyper linked CRN Number of the class.
    • Any footnotes, comments or notes about the classes are listed on this screen. If the class is a special problems class, the class title should be listed here.
    • Click on the hyper linked Title of the Class.
    • The pre-requisites and restrictions of the class are listed on that screen.